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Diagnostic Care

Our hospital team is here for your pet when they aren’t feeling their best. Our diagnostic services, including ultrasound, digital x-ray, EKG, and an in-house laboratory will help us to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet's issue at our hospital in Skippack, PA.

Wellness Blood Screen

Annual blood work tells us an abundance of essential information about your pet's overall health. For this reason, we recommend all pets have a full blood screening once a year. A convenient option is to complete this at the same time as your pet's annual wellness exam! This is hugely important because it develops a baseline of health for your pet, which we can reference through each stage of his or her life. If we notice any changes in your pet's baseline, treatment can begin before the presence of symptoms. In the end, this saves your pet from harmful health concerns, and saves you money, too!

We find that an estimated 20% of dogs and cats that are 7 years or older will have a health concern on their routine blood screening. Physical exams are a vital component of preventative care, but cannot always catch internal issues. That's why pairing blood work with a wellness exam is highly beneficial to your pet.

At Skippack Animal Hospital, we have designed adult and senior wellness panels to meet your pet's needs. These include a complete blood count, internal organ function test, urinalysis, fecal exam, 4DX (heartworm and tick-borne illness test), and full thyroid hormone panel.

On-Site Laboratory

Our facility is equipped with an in-house lab on site. This is highly beneficial as it allows our medical team to efficiently and accurately assess blood work, fecal tests, urinalysis, skin scrapings, biopsies and more. This is highly beneficial, as the sooner a diagnosis is made, the sooner treatment can begin.

Advanced Imaging

Physical exams allow us to assess your pet's outward physical condition, and bloodwork gives us comprehensive information regarding your pet's overall health. Advanced imaging techniques take veterinary diagnostics one step further by giving us an in-depth view of your pet's vital internal systems like the bones, organs, blood vessels, and more.

Digital Radiology

Digital radiography is a modern imaging tool that uses digital sensors rather than traditional film for convenient, instantaneous results. This is a valuable tool when it comes to diagnostics because we can see exactly what's going on within your pet's body. It gives us the chance to find problems or conditions that may not be present during a routine physical examination, and can also help our veterinarians confirm a suspected diagnosis.

How Digital Radiography Benefits Your Pet:

  • Rapid results. Images are ready for assessment seconds after taking the x-ray, which allows our staff to have answers for you and your pet as quickly as possible.
  • High-resolution images. Images are detailed and clear, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Simple sharing. Images can be electronically shared with specialists, other veterinarians, laboratories, or other offices with the click of a button.


Ultrasonography is a diagnostic imaging technique that sends pulses of sound waves into a patient's tissue material through a probe. These sound waves echo off of the tissue, and in turn are recorded and displayed as an image. This method of imaging allows us to see, and even listen to, internal body structures. This gives us the ability to further examine vital organs as well as other anatomies such as tendons, bones, muscles, blood vessels, joints, and more.

  • No exposure to radiation
  • Pets are comfortable through the entire procedure
  • Provides images and sound in real-time
  • Provides clear, high-resolution images



Electrocardiography assesses a pet's heart health by measuring heart rhythms and electrical impulses non-invasively. During your pet's EKG procedure, a team member will comfortably lay your pet on their side and place electrodes on specific points of the body. Signs of a heart condition include coughing, trouble breathing, weakness, and lethargy

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